location-agnostic teams can succeed from anywhere in the world

Join a global community and learn the fastest growing collection of modern working practices.

“Forcing employees to go back to the on-site environment could result in employers losing up to 39% of their workforce.” - Jérôme Mackowiak, Director, Gartner HR (Gartner’s 2021 Hybrid Work Employee Survey)

three weeks of immersive cohort based learning

This course will enable you to support any organisation around the world in navigating the challenges of remote, hybrid and distributed working. In this immersive four week program you’ll be provided with the practical tools to unlock the hidden opportunities in today's challenging business landscape.

Using The Remote Agility Framework (R:AF) you’ll practice how to bring clarity and alignment to legacy organisations so they can be successful in today's context. In collaboration with other professionals, you’ll discover how to creatively apply your learnings to any context from anywhere in the world.

Attendees will learn the key practices to make location irrelevant in their organisation. Including establishing and aligning multiple teams within and across departments or programmes and how to create robust context driven teams.

you will learn

  • How to design teams so that work flows smoothly regardless of where people are working
  • How to maintain connectivity between teams that aren’t always in the same room
  • How to model the leadership techniques that make remote work successful
  • How to bring teams together virtually to deliver large initiatives
  • How to create alignment in large, remote friendly organisations
  • How to approach difficult conversations in a remote context with empathy
  • How to contextually integrate what you’ve learned with your current workplace

after the course

  • Certification as a remote:af Guide
  • License to use the design and facilitation assets from the course
  • Access to a global network of professionals evolving the world of work
  • Regular forums of community driven learning

hear from others

No matter where you are in your organisation, this course can help you change the game.

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Having run this process multiple times we are seeing real tangible benefits in how work is delivered across the business, blockers/risks are identified earlier giving the opportunity for proactive solutions to be found, while work sequencing & resourcing across the whole portfolio is much clearer and streamlined.

Program Manager
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remote:af played a huge role accelerating our ability to organise, prioritise and deliver work. The approach that has been embedded across our business means that regardless of whether our teams are fully remote, in the office, or a mix of both, work is transparent, team capacity is well managed and outcomes are visible.

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Through your Team Launch process in the Remote Agility Framework we set our purpose and how we will collaborate and communicate. Seems like small things but has an impact on how we work effectively together remotely and in a time of stress and uncertainty.

Myee Riri
Software Development Manager, Nutrien Ag Solutions
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I’ve just spent an awesome couple of weeks with the remote:af team learning how to design great remote organisations, guide remote teams towards high performance, build amazing virtual spaces and lead in the remote context.

Anthony Little
Anthony Little
Agile Coach
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The remote:af team have done a fantastic job creating a pragmatic and logical framework (and flow) with an excellent suite of tools and templates to remotely (re)design great organisations, guide remote teams to become high performing , and building amazing virtual spaces that supports transparency, collaboration and a strong sense of team.

Steve Lawrence
Transformation Consultant, SliceConsult

Course Dates


9:00AM - 1:00PM AEST (GMT +10) 

6 days over 3 weeks


Week one: 11th (Wed) and 13th of August (Fri)

Week two: 17th (Tue) and 19th of August (Fri)

Week three: 24th (Tue)  and 26th of August (Fri)


Price: 650 USD (excluding taxes)



5:30PM - 9:30PM AEST (GMT +10) 

6 days over 3 weeks


Week one: 10th (Tue) and 12th of August (Fri)

Week two: 17th (Tue) and 19th of August (Fri)

Week three: 24th (Tue) and 26th of August (Fri)


Price: 650 USD (excluding taxes)



5:30PM - 9:30PM EDT (GMT-4) 

6 days over 3 weeks


Week one: 31st (Tue) of August and 2nd of Sept. (Thur)

Week two: 7th (Tue) and 9th of Sept. (Thur)

Week three: 14th (Tue) and 16th of Sept. (Thur)


Price: 650 USD (excluding taxes)


Joining remote:af doesn't just provide you the tools to create value on day one, from anywhere in the world. You'll also be a part of a rapidly growing community of professionals from around the world. If you have any questions or difficulties registering for the course, please reach out to  John at john.tooth@remoteaf.co or book a meeting.